What is the outlook for the shale gas industry outside of the US over the coming 3-5 years?

Victor Hugo’s sentence “Nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come” also counts the same way for a technology. Even if there are strong market participants, who want to protect their ground for the usage only of conventional natural gas; and even if these are in some countries with some public opinions against shale gas, there will be at least one company in one country who will break this fragile price / quantities construct by using fracking. The consequence will be a continously decreasing price level, down to a point where the demand (maybe of power production) will be strong enough to pick up all the big quantities. 

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Daniel Homeyer is Senior Originator for Danske Commodities A/S Aarhus, Denmark. In former steps he worked for natGAS Aktiengesellschaft based in Potsdam as the lead trader of the company for physical natrual gas and power trading as well as financial oil trading of gas oil and fuel oil in NW Europe. Daniel Homeyer built up the energy trading desk as well as the relevant IT environment and has a strong network in th European Energy Industry. He has experience in the identification, planning and commercialization of natural gas business cases, designing new products and leading them into commercial use. He has deep knowledge about established markets like UK, NL and Germany as well as the emerging Central Esatern European Markets. Furthermore, from former times with WINGAS (former Joint Venture of BASF & GAZPROM) he was involed in storage, network, power plant and technologies for natural gas.