Expert Relations

The Atheneum Expert Relations Management (ERM) Department is in place to care for the needs and interests of our expert network and is separated into three main functions: Expert Payments, Expert Affairs and Platform Administration, and Strategic Alliances.

Expert Affairs and Platform Administration: has a multifaceted role. Its primary function is to maintain the Executive Network, ensuring that members’ information is accurate, including: contact information, project contribution track record, consultation preferences and feedback collected in post-engagement conversations. Expert Affairs also processes all membership applications and issues a warm welcome to new members.

Strategic Alliances: works to expand our network with industry associations worldwide. This team reaches out to leading organizations worldwide to establish partnerships for connecting experts with exciting consultation projects.

Expert Payment Division: manages the processing of all expert payments. They provide a secure and safe facility for experts in the receipt of reimbursement and are available at any time to answer questions on our processes.

Overall, the Expert Relations Management Department strives to make the Atheneum experience as pleasant and beneficial for all its members. If you would like to ask us any questions, offer feedback or present some suggestions, please contact us at any time at