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Online Grocery Shopping vs. Physical Stores

In recent years, online shopping has grown significantly, with customers now used to buying travel, clothes, books, DVDs and other goods online thanks to their PC, tablet or Smartphone. It is estimated that the global market for e-commerce in 2012 was $4.2 trillion – an impressive figure that is growing every year. Now slowly, consumers are turning to other digital shopping categories such as groceries in a quest to save time and effort.   Continue reading

Potential in the US Food Industry

By the time you were two years old, almost all of the fat cells in your body were formed.[1] Once created, it is the evolutionary goal of these cells to remain filled. Before and soon after you were born, the food industry impacted your predisposition for obesity through the diet of your mother, milk formula solutions, and store-bought baby food. After heightening the weight-loss struggle of the 69% of Americans over age 20 that are overweight, a new segment of the food industry is trying to fix the problem, racking in enormous profits in the process.[2] Continue reading

Pop-Up Stores: Changing the Face of Retail?

In 2010, Procter & Gamble opened a pop-up store in Manhattan that attracted over 14,000 visits in ten days from curious customers. The success of this model has led to pop-up stores being viewed more and more as a way of advertising in a more interactive way than what television or print can offer. Continue reading

Food Scandals: Changing the Face of the Food Retail Industry?

Pink slime in the United States, horse meat in beef products in Europe, fake eggs in China: 2012 was not short on global food scandals, which shook the food and retail industry. With growing uncertainty and distrust towards large multinationals, could increasing awareness about the origins of what we eat change the face of the food retail industry? Continue reading

Chocolate: The Recession-Proof Good

When looking at the global chocolate market, one could comment that it is a recession-proof commerce. Despite the troubled state of the global economy, the market for chocolate is still growing steadily, leading to the conclusion that chocolate is a small, affordable luxury which people still choose to indulge in.

The global chocolate market is dominated by five large multinationals Continue reading

A Looming Food Crisis?

The World Bank strives to eradicate hunger and extreme poverty by 2015, but this goal is in danger as a new food crisis is already looming for 2013. Failure to prevent a shortage and heightened food prices will prove detrimental, not only to underdeveloped regions, but also to the already weakened economies of the West. A new geopolitics of food has emerged. Continue reading