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What are the key trends in global mHealth industry and which of its segments will be the key growth drivers over the next 12 months?

  1. Monitoring services (up to 66% of the Global mHealth market share)
  • Remote Patient monitoring
      • (e.g. Obesity Management
      • Healthy Living
      • Pregnancy Tips
      • Elderly Care
      • Smoking De-addiction
      • Infectious Diseases
      • Reproductive Health
      • Child Health / Child Care…)
  • Video conferencing and online consultations
          • e.g. Telephone-based consultations
          • Video consultations
          • Text-based consultations…
  • Personal healthcare devices
  • Wireless access to patient records and prescriptions
  • Chronic disease managementIndependent ageing applications in developed markets 
  • Post acute care monitoring services
  • Monitoring of patients with metabolic conditions such as obesity and Diabetes (is expected to comprise about 40% of the chronic disease management Segment)
  • Monitoring patients with cardiovascular conditions such as hypertension, coronary artery disease and congestive heart failure (is expected to contribute about 45% to chronic disease management revenues in the US and about 80% in China).
  • Analysis of general health and wellness data gathered by mobile devices

 2. Diagnostic Services (up to 16% of the Global mHealth market share)

  • Interactive messages that help patients self-diagnose minor ailments
  • Medical call centres / help-lines manned by healthcare professionals
  • Telemedicine solutions that enable doctors to ‘see’ patients through wireless broadband
  • A majority of the revenues from Diagnosis services are expected to come from call-centre and mobile telemedicine solutions.              
  • The adoption of Diagnosis services is expected to support developing markets in bridging their healthcare access challenges.

 3. Treatment Services (up to 11% of the Global mHealth market share)

  • Emergency Response
  • Ambulance based Solutions
  • Treatment Compliance
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Use of mobile device to explain/demonstrate during office visits
  • Provide patients access to portions of their medical record
  • Drug adherence and other health-related communication

 4. Healthcare System strengthening Services (up to 7% of the Global mHealth market share)

  • Patient-centred care
  • Wellness (up to 3% of the Global mHealth market share)
  • Prevention (up to 1% of the Global mHealth market share)
      • e.g. Drug Abuse Prevention
  • Information Lookup and Decision Support
  • Health Surveys & Healthcare Surveillance
  • Healthcare Practitioner Support
  • Healthcare Administration& administrative communication

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