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Wojtek has over 12 years of experience in transport management. His professional expertise includes transport loan projects, PPP motorways and road user charging systems (cooperation with United Nations Economic Commission for Europe - UNECE), ITS projects, financial analysis and modeling, and the implementation of renewable resources energy projects. He is currently working at the Strategy Office for PKP Polish Railway Company HQ in Warsaw. He also has a long-term cooperation with the World Bank and European Commission and Council. Since 2006, Wojtek has been engaged in the implementation of intelligent transport systems policy for the Polish government. He is also a member of ITS POLAND, a professional public-private initiative dedicated to the development and deployment of ITS technologies to enhance safe, efficient and environmentally friendly transportation systems. ITS Polska is a partnership of knowledge and viable source of information for all ITS stakeholders including industry, transport professionals, decision makers, research and academic institutions).

The Polish transport industry supported by EU funding

This year marks the end of the first full-time EU budget perspective, in which Poland was the biggest beneficiary of EU aid. The years 2014-2020 will have a similar character. The scale negotiated by the Polish government and the EU funds allocated for this period are almost 73 billion Euros. Continue reading