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About Woehler

Dr. Claudia Wöhler is an economist and an expert in the German health system. She is an independent consultant for companies and Non-Profit-Organisations. Dr. Wöhler is an expert in strategy, success, market access, public affairs and lobbying. Until May 2013 she was Director and Head of the Division on Social Policy of the Bavarian business and employers associations vbw, bayme and vbm. From 2010 to May 2013 Dr. Wöhler was Head or Member of several supervisory boards of public insurances such as AOK Bayern, AOK Bundesverband, GKV Spitzenverband or the public pension system DRV. Additionally she is an Associate Professor on Health Management and CSR. Her new book on Management of Non-Profit-Organisations is going to be published in January 2015.

Which trends will shape the obesity treatment market in 2015?

It is well known that obesity is a pandemic. More than one third of the global adult population and around 20 percent of children in industrial countries are overweight or obese. In some countries we are starting to talk about a widespread disease. This development is dramatic and, without intensive activities around the treatment and the prevention of obesity, it is possible that nearly 80 percent of the global adult population will be overweight or obese by 2030. Policy, research, companies and society are faced with enormous challenges regarding the treatment, avoidance and medical assistance of obesity and secondary disease.

In 2015 the focus on obesity will be on both the prevention and treatment of the disease. .Regarding obesity prevention, there are several trends supporting people in their nutritional behavior and in strengthening the psyche, as well as their knowledge. Naturally, the market potential of low-fat food and mental assistance etc. is increasing and, naturally, the potential of the obesity treatment market is increasing, as is the supply of treatment methods. Obesity prevention and treatment will be part of new efforts undertaken by different countries.

Some trends that will shape the obesity treatment market in 2015 are:

  1. Economic development of countries and increasing income of the population will extend the market potential for current as well as new obesity treatment.
  2. Further research will be implemented to improve current treatment and to develop new treatment methods.
  3. Social media can change the attitude of young people to what it is to be overweight.
  4. Innovative IT can improve and campaign several obesity treatment methods.
  5. National programs on prevention can support the cooperation of stakeholders and the affected people.
  6. National legislation can lead to higher investments in prevention by health insurances or companies.

These trends can be accompanied by trends in the obesity treatment market, such as:

  • extension and assistance regarding nutritional behaviour and consultation
  • extension of early detection screening programs
  • development of Remote-Patient-Monitoring
  • innovative data bases and research programs
  • further research on indicators and coherences
  • analysis of daily health by mobile devices
  • on-going development of gastric surgery methods
  • innovations in metabolic treatments and surgery

Obesity is a global issue. The causes of obesity are different. The obesity treatment market still has a high potential in many countries of the world. Some treatment methods are available globally but market trends are going to be defined by national activities and cultural issues in particular.