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Vittorio Molaschi is an Associate at Atheneum Partners. He has a bachelor´s in business administration and management from Bocconi University, Italy.

Japanese Car-Makers No Longer Favored in China

China started to be defined as the “factory of the world” a few years ago as a result of its mass employment at low wages. The country still maintains a leading role in manufacturing activities, but now has to share this position with other growing nations.

What this competition really changed was the perception of China as an end-market: despite several regions having average personal income considerably lower than Western countries, the buying power of Chinese citizens dramatically increased during the last years. In a country that counts with a population of more than 1.35 billion people, even a slight change in the macroeconomic situation can influence the decision of a big company seeking to enter the national market. The automotive industry is not an exception Continue reading

Italian Election Uncertainty Threatens Automotive Industry

The results of the recent general elections held in Italy pose an even more shaky future for the nation than what could have been imagined on the eve of the vote. Particularly for the Automotive Industry. The Democratic Party registered a narrow victory at the Chamber of Deputies which afforded them a majority; while the Senate of the Republic using a different electoral system did not have a party achieve an absolute majority. This implies a likely state of gridlock. Continue reading