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Laura Harker is a Finance Assistant at Atheneum Partners. She holds a BA in German and Philosophy from the University of Nottingham.

The Cost of Cures

With modern technology and science’s ever increasing knowledge, we have seen huge leaps in the development of the world’s medical care and health systems. However, the cure for cancer has always mystified scientists and has seemed like it would never leave the realms of science fiction. Until now, that is thanks to two Swedish researchers who could be round the corner from a revolution that could change our lives forever after engineering a virus that attacks cancer.[1] Continue reading

The Changing Record of the Music Industry

In mid January it was announced that HMV Group PLC in the United Kingdom and Ireland would go into administration. This came as a devastating blow for not only the company (who have in the past years also withdrawn their business from the United States, Canada and Australia), but also for the British high street. Over 4,000 jobs have been put at risk[1] as the company currently struggles to find someone to buy them out and save the staple of the British high street. Continue reading

British Wine – Raising a Glass to Global Warming?

Think of wine regions and what do you envisage? Normally the image that is conjured up is one of idyllic hamlets dotted along rolling valleys in Southern France and the Mediterranean, or vineyards in the harsher terracotta terrains of South Africa and Australia. England, however, most certainly does not spring to mind. Ask anyone in Britain, and they will almost definitely laugh at the idea of growing grapes on the bank of the Thames or even in Kent, “garden of England” itself. Could this all be about to change? Continue reading

Modern Cuisine and the British Restaurant Industry

With governments implementing measures of austerity in most countries around the world, the majority of people are becoming less than willing to splash out on affordable luxuries such as dining out. This has meant that chefs now have to pull out all the stops in order to attract customers and persuade them to be somewhat looser with their purse strings. British chefs have devised two solutions.

Continue reading