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About Karolina Rab

Karolina Rab is an Analyst at Atheneum Partners Berlin. She holds a PhD in sociology and is originally from Poland.

Social Entrepreneurship: an Alternative to the Welfare State

Since 2008 the world has been struggling with the financial crisis, which is claimed to be the most severe recession since the Great Depression of the 1930s. As a result, the unemployment rate has reached approximately 12% in the EU, and even over 25% in countries like Greece and Spain. It is highest among people under 25 years of age – 23.2% in the EU, 58.7% in Greece and 56.1% in Spain. [1] Continue reading

European Emerging Markets – Investment Incentives in Eastern Poland

Eastern Poland is the poorest and less developed region in the country; upon entrance to the European Union in May 2004, five Eastern voivodeships (administrative name describing Polish provinces) made up the region with the lowest GDP in the entire European community. It is also the most religious – with the highest rate of Sunday mass attendance [1] – and conservative part of Poland, something which is visibly reflected in the political map of the country. The region massively supports the biggest Polish right-wing catholic party, which received over 40% of votes in the last parliamentary elections (PIS-Law and Justice).[2]

Poor infrastructure, a high unemployment rate, and traditional, conservative social patterns have all created a negative image of the Eastern part of the country. Its inhabitants are often pejoratively called “słoiki” (jars) by the population of Warsaw or other big Polish cities, where many Easterners migrate to in order to find a better job or to study.[3]

Is this region doomed to be forever called “Poland B”, the poor sister that can offer beautiful landscapes, but no employment or professional future? Not necessarily. Continue reading