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Joy Corkery heads the Expert Relations Management Team at Atheneum Partners. She has a Masters Degree in Government and a Bachelors Degree in English and Political Science from University College Cork.

Irish Manufacturing Industry Reports Downturn

The already struggling Irish economy took another hit this month as it was announced that the manufacturing industry shrunk, despite having experienced growth in 2011 and 2012. Indeed the industry shrank at its fastest rate in nineteen months this April to 48.0, two below the 50 line dividing growth from contraction.[1]

The drop in activity, which accounts for a quarter of Ireland’s gross domestic products according to World Bank figures, has caused worries that the fall may affect the ability to attain sustained recovery. Continue reading

Fight Against Climate Change – Negative Impact on Business World?

Climate change is by no means fresh news. The negative changes in the world’s atmosphere are common knowledge with equal awareness that the problem is due to centuries of ignorance and neglect. Frequently both national and international talks are taking place amongst governments, organizations and the general public alike to bring about a change in the rapidly failing eco-system. While at first glance solutions such as those embraced by the Kyoto Protcol[1] are the perfect solution, the fight against climate change actually has the potential to harm some industry areas. Continue reading

The Impact of Street Vendors on Egypt’s Recent Hardship

The heated debate around the legality and desirability of street vendors is not a matter which only Morocco faces. Last week, Egyptian street vendors agreed to enter negotiations with store owners and the authorities following complaints that the illegality of the operation was badly affecting businesses of those operating on a license-fee-payment basis. Additionally, there are consistent worries that the sometimes aggressive selling approach of vendors will have a harmful effect on tourism as visitors are relaying feelings of discomfort when perusing Egyptian shopping districts.

Unemployment in Egypt is high and roughly 40% of the population makes less than $2 per day, making prohibited trading an attractive income alternative. In addition, as is common place amongst many non-Western countries, the art of negotiation and haggling is the custom framework for conducting business.[1] Any changes made to the system have the potential to cause more harm than good. Continue reading

The Fall of The Breakfast Cereal Industry

Considering that the main target for sugary cereals is children, not only for Kellogg’s but across the industry, the recent battle against obesity has had a negative impact on the market. In the UK, government officials are shifting their focus to breakfast cereals as a key contributor to childhood obesity.[ii] This is following the findings of an OECD report that children in the UK are the third fattest in Europe. It remains to be seen whether breakfast cereal producers will adjust their approach in time to not see a regulatory attack and drop in sales.

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